Cake Backdrop - Grey

Cake Backdrop - Grey

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Cake Backdrop - Grey

The perfect Backdrop for your sweet pictures.

No need for expensive light boxes or elaborate set ups

Our super white flexible plastic sheets can be set up anywhere with a little bit of tape or blu tack

Available in white so your cakes stand out and not the background

Set up your backdrop in front of a window for natural light to shine through your backdrop.. free lighting!!

Set up your backdrop on a wall or even outside for some amazing natural light

You can simply lie it flat on a table for a perfect cupcake or cookie pic!

You can bend them to rest on your table for a seamless background or hang flat for those super tall cakes.

Inexpensive and easy to store in your mailing tube when not in use. No ironing

Easy to clean and do not stain like paper for fabric backdrops

They are super light

Super versatile


Size: 130cm length and 68cm wide

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