FMM Press Ice - Polka 5

FMM Press Ice - Polka 5

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FMM Press Ice - Polka 5


As with Polkas 1 & 2 (the original members of the FMM Press-Ice family), Polkas 3, 4 & 5 have pins from top to bottom, and end-to-end. This means you can cover the largest possible area with precisely-placed indentations in seconds.

FMM Press-Ice Polka 5 is designed to be used horizontally for best results. Used in this way, a seamless and continuous pattern can be achieved by placing the first row of pins into the last row if holes as you work your way around the cake.


Held horizontally, FMM Press-Ice Polka 5 will impress a pattern into the side of a 7.5cm (3in) high cake from top to bottom.The distance between the polka dots are 2cm approximately.


These three versatile additions to the Polka range offer virtually limitless options for stunning, original cake designs, used individually or together with other Press-Ice tools on the same cake.

Pipe over the indentations to achieve perfectly-spaced dotty patterns, or use the precisely-placed holes as markers to position blossoms, sugar pearls, and many other appliquéd shapes.

As with all Press-Ice tools, we recommend you practise for a few minutes on a spare piece of sugarpaste before using any of the Press-Ice range on a real cake.