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Wilton method of cake baking and decorating has by far been the most popular method for creating wonderful cakes. The Wilton story that began in 1929 with one man’s passion and talent for making confectionary art and resulted in a method of desert decorating that today has made cake decorating and confectionary art available to everyone not just for professional bakers and chefs. Wilton in Australia has made baking and decorating really accessible and easy for people across the globe, as we proudly adhere to the ideas and standards of the Wilton of baking in our products and services.

Wilton method for sweet treat making and cake decorating

Right from finding the perfect mold to create a replica of the item you wish, to finding an apt candle displaying your age on the cake top, My Dream Cake has managed to follow the principles of Wilton in Australia for effortless cake baking and decoration. We believe that implementing the methods of Wilton in Australia will not only easen your baking task, but will also make you a successful baker.

The various equipments we provide in par with the Wilton theory of baking are: 12 cavity non-stick sweetheart cookie pan, airplane shaped pan Wilton, baby feet baking cups 75 pack - cupcake case, barbie birthday candle- Wilton, big top lollipop mold, black foil swirls cupcake wraps – Wilton, blue ombre colorcup baking cups - Wilton - cupcake cases to name a few.

As Wilton says you really don’t need to be an artist to carry out cake decoration, which is why the method of baking and tools we adapt in Wilton Australia are suitable for everyone irrespective of their experience. Applying the Wilton method will help you create your own cakes with utmost perfection and the equipments we provide add a fun element to baking. Along with providing decorative tools, we also provide wedding cakes and novelty cakes in Melbourne. We understand your need to match your cake with the occasion you have ordered it for, which is why we also deliver custom cakes in Melbourne. Call us at 03 8759 1788 or send you queries through an email on info@mydreamcake.com.au.

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