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Wilton method of cake baking and decorating has by far been the most popular method for creating wonderful cakes. The Wilton story that began in 1929 with one man’s passion and talent for making confectionary art and resulted in a method of desert decorating that today has made cake decorating and confectionary art available to everyone not just for professional bakers and chefs. Wilton in Australia has made baking and decorating really accessible and easy for people across the globe, as we proudly adhere to the ideas and standards of the Wilton of baking in our products and services.

Wilton method for sweet treat making and cake decorating

Right from finding the perfect mold to create a replica of the item you wish, to finding an apt candle displaying your age on the cake top, My Dream Cake has managed to follow the principles of Wilton in Australia for effortless cake baking and decoration. We believe that implementing the methods of Wilton in Australia will not only easen your baking task, but will also make you a successful baker.

The various equipments we provide in par with the Wilton theory of baking are: 12 cavity non-stick sweetheart cookie pan, airplane shaped pan Wilton, baby feet baking cups 75 pack - cupcake case, barbie birthday candle- Wilton, big top lollipop mold, black foil swirls cupcake wraps – Wilton, blue ombre colorcup baking cups - Wilton - cupcake cases to name a few.

As Wilton says you really don’t need to be an artist to carry out cake decoration, which is why the method of baking and tools we adapt in Wilton Australia are suitable for everyone irrespective of their experience. Applying the Wilton method will help you create your own cakes with utmost perfection and the equipments we provide add a fun element to baking. Along with providing decorative tools, we also provide wedding cakes and novelty cakes in Melbourne. We understand your need to match your cake with the occasion you have ordered it for, which is why we also deliver custom cakes in Melbourne. Call us at 03 8759 1788 or send you queries through an email on info@mydreamcake.com.au.

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    Ex Tax: $14.50 $15.95
    This flexible sheet made from 100% food safe silicone is easy to store and even easier to clean. Temperatures up to 220??C. Hold up to 28 macaron halves.   ..
    This flexible sheet made ...
  • Silicone Stand Mixer Scraper - Wilton
    Ex Tax: $16.32 $17.95
    Silicone Stand Mixer Scraper First scraper made specifically for use with a stand mixer in the market. Fits perfectly into stand mixer bowl with attachment in place. Angled head design helps push icing, batter & dough back into bottom of bowl. Special foot keeps spatula head off countertops. ..
    Silicone Stand Mixer Scra...
  • Silver 25th Anniversary Pick - CAKE TOPPER - ANNIVERSARY / BIRTHDAY
    Ex Tax: $27.22 $29.95
    Proudly display the number of years married! Appointed in rhinestones, a sparkling pick makes a beautiful keepsake for the honored couple. Use as a cake topper and in floral arrangements, bouquets and centerpieces. Food Safe. Silver color painted resin. Approximately 5 1/4 in. high (actual number..
    Proudly display the numbe...
  • SnowFlake Christmas Cookie Cutter Set - Wilton - 3 Pieces
    Ex Tax: $9.95 $10.95
    Use this 3-Piece Snowflake Cookie Cutter Set to create intricate designs that are fun to decorate. Use the larger snowflake cookie and the two small cutters to press out the center and create a cool cutout design. Includes snowflake, small teardrop and small diamond cutters. 3-Piece Snowfla..
    Use this 3-Piece Snowflak...
  • Snowflake Large Lollipop Mold-wilton
    Ex Tax: $5.41 $5.95
    Snowflake design.3 designs, 3 cavities. ..
    Snowflake design.3 design...
  • Snowflake Non-Stick Cookie Pan
    Ex Tax: $18.13 $19.95
    Make perfectly-shaped cookies every time! Just press dough into shaped cavities and bake. Non-stick for easy release.           ..
    Make perfectly-shaped coo...
  • Soccer Ball Cake Pan Wilton
    Ex Tax: $27.22 $29.95
    Wilton Soccer Ball Cake Pan The wide variety of possibilities for what cakes you can make with this pan include Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Tennis ball as well as the Soccer ball! This one-mix aluminum pan measures 12.75 x 11 x 2 ..
    Wilton Soccer Ball Cake P...
  • SpiderMan Ultimate Cake Pan Wilton Spider Man
    Ex Tax: $29.95 $32.95
      Spider-Man Ultimate Cake Pan Pan takes any 2-layer cake mix.   ..
      Spider-Man Ulti...
  • Spongebob Squarepants Baking Cups - CUPCAKE CASES
    Ex Tax: $5.41 $5.95
    Spongebob Squarepants Baking Cups (50 Pack) Spongebob Squarepants has arrived at Wilton with an exciting collection of party products designed to make celebrations special! He's sure to brighten birthday cakes, cupcakes and other party treats. Standard size, microwave-safe paper. 2 in. diamete..
    Spongebob Squarepants Bak...
  • SpongeBob SquarePants Candle Spongebob Birthday Candle BY WILTON
    Ex Tax: $8.14 $8.95
    SpongeBob SquarePants candle SpongeBob is swimming in loot ..
    SpongeBob SquarePants can...
  • Spooky Pop Cupcake Combo Halloween - Wilton 24 Pieces - Liners / Cases
    Ex Tax: $10.86 $11.95
    Cupcake Combo Pack Create wickedly good cupcakes for all your friends. Includes 24 standard cupcake papers and 24 picks measuring approx. 3inch  high approximately  ..
    Cupcake Combo Pack C...
  • Sports All-Star Cupcake Combo Pack (24)
    Ex Tax: $6.32 $6.95
    Wilton Cupcake Combo Packs! (24 Pack) Sports All-Star Picks & Baking Cups! Quick and colorful ways to serve cupcakes that set the tone for your celebration. Contains 24 each 2 inch in diameter baking cups and 3 in. high paper party picks.        ..
    Wilton Cupcake Combo Pack...
  • Square 8inch Checkerboard Cake Pan Set - Wilton - Chess / Cake tin
    Ex Tax: $32.68 $35.95
    Simple or spectacular on the outside, always surprisingly beautiful on the inside, the checkerboard cake is party favorite. Use the Square Checkerboard Cake Pan Set to bake multi-colored cake layers. The secret is the specially sized batter dividing grid. Just insert it into the pan, follow the colo..
    Simple or spectacular on ...
  • Stand-Up Cuddly Teddy Bear Pan Wilton - Teddy Bear
    Ex Tax: $50.86 $55.94
    This cutie will be busy all year ?round with birthdays, school parties, baby showers and baby's first birthday. Five innovative decorating ideas on one box! Two- piece pan takes 6 2/3 cups of firm textured batter. Includes 6 clips, heat-conducting core and instructions. ..
    This cutie will be busy a...
  • Star Comfort-Grip Cutter
    Ex Tax: $7.23 $7.95
    This easy-grip stainless steel cutter with extra-deep sides is perfect for cutting many favorite foods into spectacular shapes. Ideal for brownies, biscuits, sandwiches, sheet cakes, cheese, crispy treats, fudge and much more. The cushioned grip gives you comfortable control even when cutting in..
    This easy-grip stainless ...
  • Star Shaped Pan Wilton
    Ex Tax: $24.50 $26.95
    What better way to honor the celebrity in your life? Brighten birthdays, graduation, opening nights, even law enforcement occasions. One-mix pan is 12 3/4 x 1 7/8 in. deep. Aluminum.           ..
    What better way to honor ...
    Ex Tax: $9.95 $10.95
    Mix and match patterns and colors to create a beautiful cupcake or muffin presentation using this Baking Cups Value Pack. Choose from solid colours. This convenient value pack features 25 baking cups per pattern. Package includes 150 baking cups. 2 in. (5 cm) dia. Fits a standard muffin..
    Mix and match patterns an...
  • Sweet Dots Mini Baking Cups - CUPCAKE CASES
    Ex Tax: $5.41 $5.95
    Wilton Sweet Dots Mini Baking & Party Cups (100 Pack) The perfect collection of Sweet Dots designs that will have you celebrating all year  ..
    Wilton Sweet Dots Mini Ba...
  • Tea Party Colored Metal Cutter Set - Wilton
    Ex Tax: $7.23 $7.95
    Tea Party Colored Metal Cutter Set - Wilton ..
    Tea Party Colored Metal C...
  • Teddy Bear Comfort-Grip Cutter
    Ex Tax: $7.23 $7.95
    This easy-grip stainless steel cutter with extra-deep sides is perfect for cutting many favorite foods into spectacular shapes. Ideal for brownies, biscuits, sandwiches, sheet cakes, cheese, crispy treats, fudge and much more. The cushioned grip gives you comfortable control even when cutting in..
    This easy-grip stainless ...
  • Teddy Bear Shaped Pan Wilton
    Ex Tax: $24.50 $26.95
      Wilton Teddy Bear Cake Pan   One-mix pan is 13 1/2 12 1/4 x 2 in deep. Aluminum Makes a great gift for Birthdays, Holidays       ..
      Wilton Teddy B...