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Take cake decoration to an all new level with cake turntable tables

A well decorated cake not only grabs attention but also increases the urge to consume it. Decorating a cake and giving it a fantastic final touch is no more a difficult task, as the cake turntable, at My Dream Cake, enables you to easily decorate the sides the cake and hold it efficiently to give your cake that perfect look. With the help of a cake turntable, you could rotate or tilt your cake the way you want, facilitating seemless cake decoration. The brisk stand and turning platform makes icing, bordering, leveling and other decorative processes easy. Carving lacy designs or delicate flowers can be done beautifully using the cake turntable, as it keeps the positioning of the cake steady, without letting you worry about dropping the cake off and hindering the decoration process.

An innovative technique for ultimate cake decorations

Being a perfect substitute for manual cake rotation, the cake turntable is an essential piece of the cake making process for any baker. The rotation feature makes the decoration process flexible as you can look into the detailing of all sides of the cake to give it a stunning outlook. At My Dream Cake, you could use a number of turntables such as:

Non-slip base Trim N Turn Plus cake turntable, as its smooth performance makes it easy to carry out bordering and icing on the cake with ease.
The strong plastic and non-slip top of the PME Tilting Turntable is highly useful for intricate details on sides of the cake.

Apart from these the other revolving cake turntables also suit the best for cake decoration process for both beginners and experienced people. We also deliver wedding cakes and other cake supplies in Melbourne.  You could also learn the art of fondant icing or could also buy tools required for the same online, at My Dream Cake.