A unique and special way to celebrate a happy occasion Unlike earlier times, cakes now involve a lot more ingredients than just modifications of breads. A cake could be made of any color, design or shape as per your need. These sweet savories gloom up any ordinary occasion, not just because of its taste, but also for the way it is presented or designed. A cake which just was a round shaped desert, can now be made taller and wider in appearance. No celebrations can ever be complete without the celebratory dish being served. Giving a touch of customization to your cake would increase the importance of an occasion. To facilitate this need, we at My Dream Cake, offer you custom cakes in Melbourne. We customize your cake choices to deliver the perfect masterpiece May it be choosing the shape of the cake, the color it needs to be made in, the décor elements that are needed to compliment the occasion, all of these will be made as per your need, to deliver your dream cake, without compromising on quality. We understand that the nature of customization highly depends on the occasion, which is why we deliver wide range of custom cakes in Melbourne such as: Wedding Cakes - may it be a simple or classic style or an extravagant multiple tier cake, we offer you cakes that taste perfect and create an increasing demand amongst your guests, for its look and deliciousness. Birthday Cakes – we create a cake that will make you feel happy about adding to a loved ones celebrations or for your own happy occasion. Available in different flavors and sizes, these will be a perfect birthday gift Christening Cakes – little ones always are fascinated by the look of this elegant desert which is why we source out the best custom cakes in Melbourne for Christening, Baptism or a naming ceremony. Cupcakes – with flavors like white chocolate, mud chocolate, caramel chocolate and battercake, these cupcakes that are the most eye catchy and tasty delicacies in a special occasion. Baby Shower Cakes - we offer wide range of custom cakes for baby showers, making your occasion a memorable one Other Celebration Cakes - you can choose from a range of cakes for your next event to please anyone   These fresh and tasty cakes fit into any occasion irrespective of how ordinary or extravagant it is. We also deal with cake decorating supplies in Australia and other decorative tools and equipments for cakes around town. Enquire about the custom cakes in Melbourne now at My Dream Cake.