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A big-day cake to mark a sweet beginning

Wedding is the most memorable event of one’s life, where we choose every single element for the wedding with utmost detail and care. Wedding clothes, wedding rings and the most important of all wedding cakes is the highlight of any wedding. While you take an oath to be together till eternity, these cakes embark a new beginning of togetherness. Wedding cakes, apart from being a tradition followed at weddings, is also the most looked forward to desert for special occasions. Get your wedding cakes in Melbourne in various sizes, colors and designs, all of which guarantees showers of compliments for its looks and taste.

The wedding cakes are not just customised as per your choice, but also delivered to your venue, within a certain radius from our store. You could also give in your ideas by showing us images of your desired cake, while we will replicate the same look for you. These cakes can be 2 tiers or 5 tiers, all of which will tastes wonderful. The customised decorations we make for wedding cakes in Melbourne not just match your wedding theme but also catch the attention of your guests, making them want to eat more.

Personalized and fresh-from-the- oven cakes for your special day

When a wedding cake enters the wedding venue, an exclamatory expression of wow all over the place, will define the true successful of a baker. The wedding cakes we offer will keep this expression of your guests on going even when they taste the cake, for the spongy sweet desert is a hard to resist temptation. The wedding cakes in Melbourne that we deliver, could be decorated with designs of bows, laces, flowers and also contain molds of a couple placed at the top. These wedding cakes depicts stories of how vibrant or subtle your wedding is, and hence will help you choose an appropriate style for your special occasion. We also have experienced cake artists at our cake decorating shops in Melbourne who help you get baking pleasures through our cake decorating classes. We also provide custom cakes in Melbourne for various special occasions. You could enquire about your customised cake online or can call us at 0387591788 or mail your questions to