2 Pieces Fondant SMOOTHER




2 Pieces Fondant SMOOTHER

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2 Pieces Fondant SMOOTHER

Easily smooth fondant on your cakes using the Fondant Smoother.
Its softly curved front edge prevents marking the fondant surface while the squared back of the smoother creates a straight edge along the base of the cake.
Redesigned for an easier-to-hold contoured handle, the fondant smoother is designed to make the fondant-smoothing process more comfortable. Its so easy to have a perfect-looking fondant-covered cake
once youve covered your cake with fondant, smooth the sides of the cake and adhere the fondant to the buttercream under layer using this fondant tool.
Smoother measures Large 3.25 in. x 5.75 in.
Smoother measures small 2.35 in. x 3.80 in.




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