10pc 125ml Plastic Dessert Cups Round




10pc 125ml Plastic Dessert Cups Round

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10pc 125ml Plastic Dessert Cups Round

These clear cups offer a practical and elegant solution for showcasing your delightful treats.

Crafted from durable plastic, they provide a sturdy yet lightweight option for serving a variety of desserts.

With their simplicity and transparency, Plastic Dessert Cups effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your sweet creations, making them suitable for a range of occasions and ensuring a delightful presentation for your guests.

Great for parties, catering functions weddings, family gatherings, and more.

Heat Tolerance : -20 ~ +80°

Washable,Reusable,Disposable & Recyclable

BPA Free

Eco Friendly

Dishwasher safe

Volume: 125ML

Colour: Clear

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