20ml Sage Aqua Blend Colour Mill




20ml Sage Aqua Blend Colour Mill

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20ml Sage Aqua Blend Colour Mill

Can we give you some Sage advice? With its subtle blue undertones, it’s a must-have dusty green for on-trend bakes. Shop it in the Botanical Pack and never look back.

Water, Colours (E102*, E133, E172), Emulsifiers (E433, E405), Thickener (E418) and Preservatives (E211, E202)

Working with Aqua Blend
With Oil, Royal can spoil & Macs can crack, so our unique Aqua Blend pigments are your best friend for turning oil & fat sensitive products into bold & brilliant bakes.

Colour intensity
Using more drops will increase the intensity of colour and less will create softer hues. Build the colour slowly as you mix your batter to achieve your desired hue.

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Colour Mill

Colour Mill

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