Alphabet Art Deco Lower Case Set – FMM




Alphabet Art Deco Lower Case Set – FMM

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Alphabet Art Deco Lower Case Set – FMM

Simply cut strips of fondant approximately the width of the letters. The fondant strip should be placed vertically and the letter cutter will be perpendicular to the fondant. Press down on the cutter and move around your board to achieve a clean cut. You then simply tap out and the letter will fall on to your board. Use a cocktail stick to pick out any parts of the letters that you don’t need.

Made in the UK
Product Code : CUTALPAD2
SKU : 5060040863404
Food Approved Plastic – BPA free
Each letter is approximately 1.5 cm high
Full ‘how to’ instructions on back of pack
Lower Case Letters on 2 Strips
Main image shows the style of numbers/letters created
Always use a good quality modelling paste rolled thinly and allowed to dry for a few minutes for best results. If using Sugar paste add a little Tylo or CMC to strengthen the paste and speed up drying

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