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Baby Shower Decoset Bakery Crafts

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Baby Shower Decoset Bakery Crafts

Bakery Crafts is a well-known company that specializes in creating various cake decorations, including Baby Shower Decosets. Their Decosets are designed specifically for baby showers and come in a variety of themes and styles to suit different preferences.

To use a Baby Shower Decoset from Bakery Crafts, you would simply place the decorations on top of your cake or cupcakes according to the provided instructions. Some Decosets may require additional icing or frosting to attach the decorations securely.

Remember to check the packaging or product descriptions for specific details about the contents and instructions for each Baby Shower Decoset, as they may vary depending on the design.

Set includes

1x Pink baby

1x Blue baby

4 x Blocks

1x Pink Booties

1x Blue Booties

All Made of Plastic

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Bakery Crafts

Bakery Crafts

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