Butterflies Card Stock 12 Pack Gold




Butterflies Card Stock 12 Pack Gold

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Butterflies Card Stock 12 Pack Gold

• The Gold cardstock butterflies are visually stunning and serve as wonderful decorations for cupcakes and cakes.
• They are designed for decorative purposes and are not edible items.
• When using these butterflies on baked goods that you intend to gift or sell, it’s crucial to inform the end consumers that the butterflies are not meant to be consumed.
• Include a clear instruction for consumers to remove the decorative butterflies before consuming the baked products.
• This precaution ensures that the consumption of your baked goods remains safe and enjoyable.
• By following these guidelines, you can maintain the attractiveness of your creations while prioritizing consumer safety.

Colour: Gold
Quantity: 12 pcs per pack
Size: Smallest are 7cm x 5cm and largest 10cm x 9cm




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