Empty PGI680-CLI681 Edible Ink Cartridges for Canon Printer




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Set of 5 unfilled edible ink cartridges for edible ink printing which fit the CANON printers below.

For best results, we recommend using the Canon TS6260 – TS6360 printers.

Cartridges included are:

PGI-680BK – Large Black, CLI-681BK – Small Black (replaces the photo black), CLI-681C – Cyan, CLI-681M – Magenta, CLI-681Y – Yellow

These cartridges should only be used on a new printer, or a printer that has never used the original print cartridges as the original ink will contaminate the edible ink.

The set comes equipped with all required microchips and an auto reset chip that allows the cartridges to be refilled. The cartridges can be refilled using the 100ml edible ink bottles.

Always ensure the cartridges are removed from the printer before refilling – Do not contaminate printer head or reset chip with ink when refilling


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