Skull Characters Cupcake Rings Bakery Crafts




Skull Characters Cupcake Rings Bakery Crafts

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Skull Characters Cupcake Rings Bakery Crafts

Great for cupcakes, donuts, or even finish off the look of a cake.

The Skull Characters Cupcake Rings by Decopac are fun and quirky edible decorations that add a touch of spookiness to your cupcakes. These cupcake rings feature skull designs with various character interpretations, making them perfect for Halloween parties, gothic-themed events, or any occasion where you want to embrace a playful and slightly eerie atmosphere.

To use the Skull Characters Cupcake Rings, simply insert them into the top of your frosted cupcakes just before serving. They provide an easy way to decorate your cupcakes with a Halloween or gothic theme. The skull designs add a touch of personality and uniqueness, making your cupcakes visually appealing and suitable for various themed celebrations.

Add a touch of spookiness and playfulness to your cupcakes with the Skull Characters Cupcake Rings by Decopac. These edible decorations will make your cupcakes stand out and create a fun and unique atmosphere at your Halloween parties or gothic-themed events.

Made with food-safe plastic.

Dimensions: 1.55 x 1.2 x 0.85 inches

Qty: 6 pieces

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Bakery Crafts

Bakery Crafts

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