Small Spear Palm Leaves Leaf Silicone Mould




Small Spear Palm Leaves Leaf Silicone Mould

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Small Spear Palm Leaves Leaf Silicone Mould

This Silicone Mould for Small Spear Palm Leaves is excellent for crafting intricate and captivating nature-inspired embellishments from gum paste, sugar paste, fondant, modelling paste, chocolate, and other materials.
Rather than relying on preserved spear palm leaves, you can now craft your very own edible spear palm leaves, allowing you to customize their colour to harmonize perfectly with your artistic creations.
Silicone Mould comes in Random Pink or Cream Colour.
Size: 9cm x 8cm – size of the whole mould
Large Leaf include Stem approx. 6.1cm x 3.5cm
Medium Leaf include Stem approx. 5cm x 3cm
Small Leaf include Stem approx. 3.8cm x 2.1cm
Tip: For a convenient release, place the mould in the freezer for approximately 30 seconds, or slightly longer if necessary. Once the gum paste has slightly solidified, invert the mould, and the figurine should effortlessly come out.

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